about Bozeman Family Fly Shop

The Bozeman Family Fly Shop is dedicated to making fly fishing and fly tying accessible and enjoyable for anyone who wants to get involved in the sport. One of our goals is to break down some of the barriers in place that make it difficult to get started in fly fishing. We offer affordable products, great technical advice and the area’s largest fly tying selection.

Fly Tying Materials - Photo by  Bozeman Creative

Fly Tying Materials - Photo by Bozeman Creative

Our fly fishing and fly tying products are sold at the suggested retail price (MSRP) with no additional markups. The retail pricing you see online for rods, reels, waders, and boots will be the same as the price offered at the Bozeman Family Fly Shop. We sell Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) Bug Launcher kits starting at just $159.95 for the kiddos that include the fly rod, reel, backing, line, leader, and the case!! We’ll even throw in some free flies to help get them started!


In addition, we carry equipment specifically designed for fly fishing women and kids to make their experience more enjoyable by using gear that fits them! Imagine that, a fly rod that fits properly in a smaller hand or waders that are cut specifically to fit your shape and size.


This is a community oriented fly shop focused on providing quality equipment and good advice as well as a link between the community and the shop. We offer some of our wall space to local artists so they can display and sell their work. The shop also features a locally tied fly selection to help support local tiers and promote their excellent work. We will sponsor events open to anglers of all ages including fly tying classes, fly fishing classes, and picnic style fishing days on local ponds and lakes.

The Bozeman Family Fly Shop offers guide services to help with your pursuit of our area's trout. Our guides pride themselves in offering a great all around experience including fantastic trout fishing and education on the region’s waters and wildlife.  

Photo by Rachel Leathe

Photo by Rachel Leathe