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Montana Outdoor Science School

Saturday June 9, 2018 from 9 to 2 the Montana Outdoor Science School (MOSS) is having their Watershed Festival. The event is held at the Fisheries Tech Center directly across the road from the M Trail. This year they've asked the Bozeman Family Fly Shop to attend and  to provide fly casting instruction. So stop by our casting area and we'll teach you and the kids a little bit about fly casting. It's easy and fun!! There will be prizes for participants including the kiddos!

This is a very fun event with fishing in the pond for kids, bear spray demonstrations, duck races, and much more. The fishing is with conventional tackle only (fly casting in crowds is a scary thing), they can use bait, lures, or flies, and best of all they can keep two trout. The staff will clean the kiddos fish and put them in ice filled bags!! My kids and I have gone for the last several years and they have a blast. Some fish have tags that are traded in for some very cool prizes!

Thanks again! Think Fish!

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