Our Services


The Bozeman Family Fly Shop is proud to offer high quality, affordable fly tying materials and fly fishing equipment to the region’s anglers. We work with anglers of varying levels of experience, from beginners to veteran fly fishers and tiers. The shop is focused on providing easy to comprehend instruction to all anglers including children. We strive to be a family and community oriented fly shop.

An integral part of our philosophy is to encourage anglers and future anglers to spend time in the shop. We offer a large table with some vises available anytime for folks that want to tie a few flies while they’re visiting. The shop will provide the materials free of charge to help make it easier to try fly tying. This is the way fly shops used to be, and you still find them from time to time. Now, we have one in Bozeman too!

For those people looking to learn how to tie flies so they can catch fish on their own creations, we offer basic fly tying classes during the winter months. The Bozeman Family Fly Shop also provides fly fishing classes to folks who are just trying to get started in the fantastic sport of trout fishing with a fly rod. Believe me if I can learn to do it, so can you!    


All classes will be taught by knowledgeable instructors with many years of experience helping people learn about this wonderful sport. Many people believe that fly fishing is an expensive sport to get into, and it can be. A good bamboo fly rod can cost as much as $3,500.00 and high end graphite rods commonly cost $900.00. You can easily spend $600.00 on a pair of waders and another $300.00 for the boots! I promise you that anglers with a fly rod costing a fraction of those prices can catch just as many fish. In fact, with the rod building technology available today, many of the more reasonably priced rods will look and feel similar to the highest priced rods. With affordable equipment and reasonably priced classes, maybe this is the time to take that step and start fly fishing.

For more details on our classes, please check out the information in our classes section or contact the shop with any questions you may have.